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Shipping late June - Now available in a bigger 500gm Tin!

At the risk of being a touch melodramatic, we are making a big song and dance about this year’s Winter Blend. Our roasters have scripted two seasoned coffees from the Americas, a Mexican and a Colombian but called in a rising star from Africa, a Tanzanian Southern Highland AA coffee and the result is an absolute showstopper.

Please note, should you order any other products with your STORM 2024, they will be held and shipped together at the end of June. If you require these products sooner please order them separately.

ORIGIN | Tanzania, Mexico, Colombia

ROASTERS NOTES | Rich and smooth with rum, raisin, chocolate and toffee notes

Our 2024 STORM is full of drama, it will dance across the palate with dazzling pizzazz. This is a seductive unforgettable production that is bound to light up your winter. 

Tanzania – AA (South): Arabica coffee makes up 70% of Tanzania’s total production.  Bourbon varietals were grown by the Haya tribe in the North but by the 1950s coffee production had shifted to the Southern Highlands. Only the ripest cherries are hand-picked by small holder collaboratives and then pulped on the same day to prevent deterioration, before air drying on African beds. The fastidious dedication these Tanzanian farmers assign to processing the beans is the reason Southern Highland Tanzanian coffee is gaining such a reputation. Unlike the coffees grown in the drier Northern region, the Southern coffees are finer bodied, sweeter and fruitier with a distinctive delicious acidity.

Mexico – High Grown Fair Trade Organic: Chiapas grown coffee is from the deep South of Mexico, much of it forest shade coffee, the absolute best of which is grown on what is known as the ‘Pacific Slope’, drawing its rich chocolate and fruity notes from the volcanic soils of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range. Even the locals consider these coffees out of the ordinary referring to them as “Café de Altura” meaning coffee from altitude.

Colombia– Excelso UGQ: Colombian coffees are also now considered some of the best in the world and extremely good value for money. This Excelso grade coffee consists of a larger bean specially selected from across a number of the growing regions. June 27th is Colombia’s national coffee day, a day where ‘Tinto’ a strong black coffee concoction is celebrated as the national drink. The Colombian’s smooth body and bold acidity swirl through the 2024 blend.

Take nothing away from these Central American coffees, they punch well above their weight, adding a smoothness to the body and additional bite to the blend.
STORM is ‘fantastical’ in every sense of the word, imaginative, seductive and heart-warming, everything a Winter Blend should be.

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