Friends enjoying delicious Yahava Coffee. Matt enjoying Perth's best coffee with Yahava.

Koffee Adventures with Matt


Who is Matt Dillon?

This is Matt Dillon. Do you know who he is? If you don’t, you really should, because Matt LOVES coffee.

Matt is a member of Margaret River Life Without Barriers and operates his own business at the Margaret River Community Centre called Matt’s Paradise Café. Check out this video of what Matt does!

Now, I can hear you asking, “Why is this relevant to Yahava coffee?”.

Well, let us tell you the story of who Matt is and why we love him!

As part of the Life without Barriers programs, Matt was participating in activities to do with music, art and exercise before expressing his interest in coffee.

Having heard that, Kerrie Stephens, Life Without Barrier’s Coordinator and set the ball rolling for a multitude of pretty awesome events.

Kerrie approached Yahava Margaret River for her first step and having been informed of Matt’s passion for coffee, Yahava Margaret River is proud to be donating the coffee Matt uses at his cafe, Matt’s Paradise Cafe.

There have been a number of other great initiatives that really summed up the generosity and spirit of Margaret River. According to Kerrie from Life without Barriers, the coffee machine Matt had been using for four years was beginning to fail.

“Scott Jones from Espresso Medic, who has serviced and maintained Matt’s machine, found a machine down at the Lions Club in Augusta”.

Phil Robinson from Augusta Lions generously donated the machine and Scott (who also happens to fix the Yahava machines) restored it to its former glory.

Matt’s Cafe, located at the Margaret River Community Centre, is where he practices his craft, takes and serves coffee orders to visitors of this community café. Matt has now even branched out into making milkshakes, ice chocolate and ice coffees!

Working with his support worker, Candise Adamson, Matt comes into Yahava Margaret River once a week where we take him through the steps to making the perfect cup of coffee such as identifying the different roasts, steaming milk and knowing how to use different brew methods.

Join us on this journey with Matt as we roll out a monthly blog series detailing the lessons Matt learns along the way, taking him through everything he needs to know to become a top-notch barista!

For our next blog, we’ll be telling you all about Matt’s experience with Yahava Margaret River’s Tasting Benches!

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