Collection: Brewing Equipment

  • Where you have your coffee and how you like your coffee is an import starting point. The brewing equipment best suited for a home or office will be very different to brewing on the go.

  • The next decision will be what brewing equipement you need and that will also be influcened by the way you drink your coffee and the type of roast you choose.

  • To make the perfect brew you will need to perfect your brewing skills. There are a number of tips and hints that will help but you may also consider booking a Yahava Brewing Academy Barista class.

Want to know more about our coffee accessories?

Do You Have Coffee Accessories & Home Brewing Equipment Available For Purchase In-Store?

Yes! Our Yahava equipment is available to purchase both online and in-store. Head to your nearest KoffeeWorks and grab anything and everything you need.

Do You Offer A Warranty on Any of Your Coffee Accessories And Equipment?

Our Promise: We bust our behinds to bring you the world’s best coffees in the best possible condition. If for whatever reason we goof up, we will replace the product immediately, no problems, because life’s too short to drink anything other than great coffee.

What Shipping Options Are Available?

We offer both express & standard shipping options for all of our coffee accessories & brewing equipment.

Where Can I Learn To Use My New Coffee Equipment?

If you’d like to learn more about your new coffee equipment, head to our blog. There you’ll find plenty of articles detailing everything like how to achieve silky, well textured milk and how to adjust your grind for the perfect extraction or you can find a course to suit at one of our Koffee Academy’s.