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Aeropress Coffee Maker - Original

Aeropress Coffee Maker - Original

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Welcome to the wonderful world of AeroPress coffee. Possibly the single most versatile brewing instrument a home brewer can purchase – and oddly one of the most affordable. AeroPress Coffee Makers can be used to make ‘espresso style’, cold brew, and filter style coffees by just pressing the plunger. Learn more about AeroPress brewing, and shop for AeroPress products!
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AeroPress is a fantastic and relatively infamous way to make a great coffee at home, work, or anything really – especially great for travellers or miners as it is almost bullet proof! Our coffee maker comes with Aeropress filters included. This is seriously one of the Koffee Baron’s favourite things! Have you heard the fascinating origins of the Aeropress coffee maker? It’s history is inextricably tied to the history of the Frisbee (seriously)!

What Grind Do I Need For My Aeropress? We recommend using around 15-18g of finely ground coffee. Depending on what you’re brewing, we’d recommend grinding your coffee to be a similar consistency to salt.

Why Would You Recommend The Aeropress? Our coffee connoisseurs at Yahava are big fans of the Aeropress. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also incredibly versatile and easy to use. If you’d like to learn more about our Aeropress Coffee Maker, visit our Swan Valley or Margaret River KoffeeWorks to ask our friendly staff. Alternatively, check out our Aeropress blog.

What Coffee Beans Would You Recommend For My Aeropress? Whilst you can use any beans you like, we’d recommend opting for freshly ground coffee in order to achieve the best possible flavours. Check out our selection of blends that’d be perfect for your Aeropress Perth coffee.

How To Use

1. Prepare the Aeropress by pushing the plunger out of the chamber. Next, add a filter (either metal or paper) and twist the filter cap onto the chamber.

2. Next, place your Aeropress on top of your favourite coffee mug and place one rounded scoop of ground coffee into the chamber. We recommend using around 15-18g of ground coffee, however this will vary based on your preference. Your coffee should be ground to the consistency of sea salt.

3. Add boiling water until it reaches level one on the chamber. We recommend using water that’s around 80C.

4. Stir the mixture for around 10 seconds, before inserting the plunger. Press gently, until the plunger reaches the compressed coffee.

5. Serve black, milky or chilled.

Recommended Aeropress Accessories

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly brewing equipment, check out our metal Aeropress filters. These are available to purchase in our Swan Valley or Margaret River KoffeeWorks, otherwise shop online for delivery.

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