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Go on a coffee adventure and taste the world

While operating in Margaret River, Perth and Singapore, Yahava has sourced its coffee beans from all the major growing regions along the world’s great coffee belt. With a commitment to delivering amazing coffee to drinkers in Perth and Australia, we only procure arabica coffee beans, renowned for their intense flavours and exceptional quality. While our Signature Coffees are grown on estates with a proven history of quality and reliability, we are constantly looking for new and exciting harvests grown in remote and often difficult to access plantations.

At Yahava, we know coffee, we love coffee, we care about each of the individuals responsible for growing the coffee and we travel to every corner of the earth in search of it. We like to think that shines through every single coffee bean that’s tasted.

Our Koffees

Signature Coffees

It is our Signature Coffee Beans that have made us famous in Perth and throughout the world. This is where anyone can find their favourite coffee. Over the years our mix of stunning single origin beans and clever blending has enabled us to win numerous national coffee roasting awards. The spectrum of flavours inherent in these coffees has proven to appeal to all the popular palates and tastes. Our fans rely on the fact that these coffees are always waiting for them, freshly roasted, all year round.

Specialty Estate Coffees

Our Specialty Estate Coffees feature wonderful flavours grown in the new ’emerging’ coffee areas, often as a result of improving growing, harvesting and processing techniques. These ‘micro-lot’ coffees suit the more adventurous coffee drinker or coffee lover constantly on the look-out for something new and different.

Regional Blends & Storm

Twice a year we release a Regional Blend and every winter we release Storm. In our quest for great coffees we are constantly on the lookout for candidates for these labels. They comprise of recently discovered coffees that impress our roasters and it is an opportunity for them to showcase their bean selection and roasting talents. These marquee blends are our way of celebrating all there is to love about coffee.

Grand Cru Coffees

For those who want only the absolute best, we release several Grand Cru Coffees each year. These are the world’s finest coffees and they are not only very hard to find but even harder to secure. Grand Cru Coffees are often international award winners and by our insistence, must have officially recognised cupping scores of 90 or more.

Why Our Coffee Beans are the Best in Perth

The key to unlocking the flavours unique to each coffee is selection and roasting. We start by ensuring we have chosen a great coffee. Each coffee is cupped before we buy, that way we know we have a winner. Then all we do is add heat. Coffee roasting requires great skill and is as much a science as it is an art. Our coffee roasters constantly collaborate to ensure the quality of each locally roasted coffee matches the taste profile we have set for each coffee and each label.

Taste Our Coffee Beans in Perth

Here at Yahava, it’s always our customers who have the final say. We encourage all of our customers to try before they buy! Anyone in Perth can sample any of our coffees at our Tasting Benches – we have multiple Koffeeworks and Kwik Koffee drive-thru’s conveniently situated throughout WA including, Margaret River and Swan Valley.

Shipping Across the Nation – Shop Coffee Beans Perth

Our delicious coffee beans are available for fast shipping throughout Australia including to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. All orders will be packed within one working day of your order being placed. We send all of our orders via Australia Post, which means you should expect to receive your order within 2-6 working days. Please note that delivery to more remote regional areas may take a little longer. For further information about delivery, please visit our Shipping Information & FAQ page.