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Yahava KoffeeWorks Tea - Butterflies

Discover our Premium Leaf Teas

The Baron
has discovered a great number of fabulous teas on his many expeditions to the tropics. After choosing only the very best leaf, harvested at just the right time, he ships them home for us all to share.

The tea gardens he visits are graced with insects, vital to the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. We think none are more beautiful than tropical
butterflies hence each of our teas has a butterfly as its ambassador. You’ll find the story of each elsewhere on our website.  

Bringing you the world's great teas

Yahava premium leaf teas arrive in Australia from the tea estates, ready to drink. Unlike coffee there is no further processing required and the leaf is simply checked for quality and then bagged ready for use. The popularity of tea bags has prompted us to create ‘silk purse’ tea bags for drinkers throughout Australia incorporating high grade leaf tea. Unlike many traditional tea bags, the quality of our tea bags is guaranteed to be the equal of our leaf teas and the inert nature of the ‘silk purse’ won’t taint our tea’s delicate flavours. So now you can enjoy the convenience of a tea bag with all the flavour of a premium leaf tea.

Tea care

Store tea in an airtight container at room temperature away from heat, sunlight, moisture and other spices. Brew each tea as suggested, using fresh, filtered water, heated to the correct temperature but you can alter the brew times to suit your own taste preferences.

Our Teas

Black Teas

Black tea is fermented until the leaf oxidises and turns black before it is then dried. Fermentation enhances the flavour, strength and body of tea and our black teas present with great character. Amongst our black teas you will find the classic English Brekky alongside flavoured teas such as Earl Grey.

Green Teas

Green teas undergo far less processing than black teas and display lighter more delicate flavours. In this range is Peony, a white tea prized for its high levels of antioxidants and its sweet floral flavour

Herbal Teas

Although not strictly a tea, herbal infusions throughout history have been coveted for their medicinal as well as their ‘social lubricating’ properties. Our herbal range comprises some of the most popular herbal beverages, including the ancient and delicious, Oriental, Masala Chai.

Are Your Teas Available As Loose Leaf Tea Or In Tea Bags?

Four of Yahava’s 12 premium loose leaf teas also come in tea bags – (English BrekkyEarl GreyJasmine Green and Peppermint). When you buy premium tea or tea in Australia from Yahava, you can select between 25 Silk Purse Tea Bags or 50,100,125 and 250-gram packs of loose leaf teas depending on the variety, (weights vary due to tea type).

How Long Should I Steep My Tea?

For Black Tea, we suggest steeping it in 90°c hot water for 3-4 minutes, but you can experiment to find the flavour profile you most enjoy. Green Tea brewing times are slightly shorter at around 2 minutes. White Tea should only be steeped for 2 minutes, especially if you want to extract the delicate flavour. Dried Herbal tea should be steeped for around 2 to 3 minutes but you can alter these brewing times to find the tea strength and flavour that you like best. If you require the proper equipment to steep your tea, we recommend the Handybrew Tea & Coffee Maker from Yahava’s online shop. Add to your cart now!

Are Yahava Leaf Teas Available To Purchase In-Store?

Yahava Premium Full Leaf Teas and Tea Bags are available for purchase in select Yahava coffee shops in the region. We have Teas for sale in our Yahava KoffeeWork’s Swan Valley and Margaret River stores as well as in the Lifestyle Hub in Singapore. For Australia-wide shipping, please shop from our online store on this website.