Collection: Limited Releases

Bringing you the world's best

We keep an eye on all the major coffee awards around the world. When a harvest of note appears on the market we need to move fast. These great coffees are not grown in great quantities and they are snaffled up real quick. When we find a truly great coffee, we will release it as a Grand Cru coffee. If you spot a Grand Cru on sale then you too will need to move fast because they don’t stay on the shelves long.  Oh and yes, like everything good, it does cost a little more.

Celebrating the Solstice

The solstice triggers a world-wide search for some very special coffees. STORM is our Winter Blend, a coffee capable of cutting through the iciest chill, a coffee with real body, a coffee you simply want to cuddle up with. Firstlight is our Summer Blend renowned for a crisp fresh flavour and a bright perfectly balanced body that is, not too heavy but also not without weight. Each season the coffees will change but the goal remains steadfastly the same.