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Delightful discoveries

Chocolate is a seductive food that is loved by many around the world. Check our products below to see what happens when we combine our two favourite things, coffee and chocolate together.

Tropical delights

Cacao is another highly sought-after tropical bounty. Like coffee and tea, for eons chocolate was a closely guarded secret, enjoyed exclusively by tribal Aztecs in Peru. Its discovery was accidental when it was stolen from a Mayan trader in 1528 and taken back to Spain. From here the highly prized treat made its way across Europe and finally to England.

Like coffee, where cacao is grown, affects the flavour of chocolate and like our coffee our chokolats are sourced from differentparts of the equator.


Nector of the gods

The chocolate we love is a far cry from the bitter, thick, frothy beverage the Aztecs brewed. The silky-smooth sweet chocolate we now covet, was created by Dutch chemists. They discovered how to extract the bitter taste from cacao, a process that is still called 'Dutching' to this day.

Chocolate for our bars is grown in both Ghana and Peru while our drinking chokolat hails from the factory that was once owned by the famous Dutch chocolate makers, KJ Gerkens.

Want to know more about our Hand-Crafted Chokolat?

What Types Of Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Do You Sell?

Our Chokolat Coffee Beans are coated in dark, milk or white chocolate. We sell these in tins of milk, dark or mixed chocolate.

What Type Of Coffee Beans Do You Use To Make Your Yahava Chokolat Koffee Beans?

Our chocolate coated coffee beans are made from Peaberry coffee beans. Peaberry’s are almost perfectly round and have a unique and intense flavour that’s different from our classic flat sided beans. 

How Do You Make Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans?

If you’d like to learn more about how Yahava makes our Chokolat Koffee Beans, head here to learn about each step involved!

Are Your Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans Vegan?

Our most popular dark chocolate coated coffee beans are vegan friendly. However, they are made on equipment that may contain traces of dairy solids. 

How Do You Make Your Single Origin Chocolate Bars?

Yahava has partnered with Gabriel Chocolate in Margaret River to create our specially sourced, single-origin chocolates. To learn all about the journey behind our coffee chocolate bars,read more here!

How Do I make An Iced Chocolate?

To make delicious iced chocolate, add three heaped teaspoons of Yahava’s Chokolat in a glass. Add a splash of boiling water to create a chocolate syrup, then chilled milk, ice cream and ice and then if you like top with whipped cream.  

How Do I Make A Hot Chocolate?

Add three heaped teaspoons of Yahava’s Chokolat into a glass, add a splash of boiling water and stir the mixture into a syrup. Next fill the glass with hot milk, stir it well and voila!