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Whether it is our thousand-year-old recipe for Chai, our very own secret Ice Koffee recipe or the wonderful essences you can add to your drinks. There are many flavours to discover in this range and they will take your day from boring to exciting in a single sip.

Want to know more about our Iced Koffee and Flavoured Essences?

What Is An Elixir?

Elixirs are sometimesassociated with health tonics and while Yahava’s chai elixir contains herbs and spices, it is better to consider our Koffee elixir as simply a sweet blend of coffee and flavourings. Both elixirs are flavoured blends designed to be mixed with milk and milk alternatives. They are made from liquor, caffeine, sugar and a variety of plant extracts to make your drink flavoursome, sweet and very enjoyable. 

How Can I Get That Delicious Iced Coffee Flavour At Home?

You’ve come to the right place! Make an easy & delicious iced coffee using Yahava’s Iced Koffee Elixir. Simply add ice and your choice of milk. 

How Can I Make A Chai Latte At Home?

Yahava’s Chai Latte Elixir can be used to make delicious Chai Lattes at home. Simply add your choice of warm or cold milk and you’re ready to go. It can also be used to make dirty chais and iced chai lattes. 

What Is Your Most Popular Essence Or Elixir?

Iced Koffee is our most popular elixir followed by the Chai Latte. Our most popular essences are French Vanilla and Karamel.

How Do I make An Iced Chocolate?

To make delicious iced chocolate, add three heaped teaspoons of Yahava’s Chokolat in a glass. Add a splash of boiling water to create a chocolate syrup, then chilled milk, ice cream and ice and then if you like top with whipped cream.