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Hazelnut Essence - 375ml

Hazelnut Essence - 375ml

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Hazelnuts have a natural ‘creamy’ flavour that blends well with coffee. It also has a slightly spicy and nutty taste that leaves you wanting more. Our Hazelnut Essence is a delicious way to spice and sweeten your coffee but equally, it can be used as a dessert topping or a milkshake flavouring.

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Hazelnut (corylus avallana)

Also called Filberts or Cobnuts, Hazelnuts grow on small spreading trees, inside a fuzzy outer husk, that as it ripens, reveals a hard-shell housing a nutritious, edible kernel. Of all the nuts the Hazelnut is prized for its rich, sweet, creamy flavour and distinctive aroma. Hazelnut is considered the most ‘royal’ of nuts as it is associated with the most decadent desserts and the grandest gourmets.

A splash of Hazelnut Essence is a great way to sweeten coffee but with the added bonus of that ‘creamy’ flavour. This delicious Hazelnut Essence can be served as syrup and can be drizzled lightly onto ice cream and other desserts. You can also add this delicious treat to your milkshake or cocktail for that extra nutty flavour and a sweet, toasty aroma.

Try these delicious hot and cold drinks
* Based on a 250ml serving size

Hazelnut Latté

Extract a double espresso shot into a cup or glass and add 25mls of Hazelnut Essence. Next, heat your milk of choice. Pour hot milk over the espresso/essence mixture.
*essences can be added to any and all of your coffees from flat whites to plunger or filter brews.

Hazelnut Shakes
1. You will need a blender.
2. Take a blender jug and fill it with 250mls of fresh full cream milk.
3. Add 15mls of Hazelnut Essence.
4. Complete the recipe with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.
5. Blend on high for 20 seconds and Enjoy.

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How Many Cups Can Yahava’s Hazelnut Vanilla Essence Make?

Our Hazelnut Essence is available in 375ml bottles which make approximately 25 serves based on adding 15ml Hazelnut Essence to a 250ml serving size. One bottle is a perfect at-home treat and makes a wonderful gift!! Shop all our Iced Coffee and Essences online.

Where Else Can I Use Hazelnut Essence In?

Hazelnut essence can be used not only in iced or hot coffee and chocolate drinks, but you can also add a splash or two of Hazelnut Essence in milkshakes and cocktails for that creamy texture and sweet and toasty flavour.

Can I Add Hazelnut Essence When I Make Ice Cream?

Definitely! If you are making ice cream from scratch, adding a few splashes of our Hazelnut Essence can give your ice cream that wonderful hazelnut aroma and creamy taste. Bonus points if you add in broken pieces of Yahava’s Chokolat Bars or Chok-Coated Koffee Beans for additional texture and treats!

Where Can I Buy Your Essences & Elixirs?

All of our essences and elixirs can be purchased online or in-store at a Yahava KoffeeWorks or our Kwik Koffee Drive Thrus and Kiosks. We ship from Perth to Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of the country via Australia Post. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

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