Discovering Coffee from around the world. Yahava Explorers on Bikes


There is nothing like a good cup of coffee. There’s also nothing quite like having serious fun.

Here at Yahava, explore the coffee-growing regions to discover new coffee beans that can be enjoyed by everyone back home.

Our reason for being is to discover, roast, brew and deliver amazing coffee. We travel the world searching for the world’s finest coffee and when we find them, we bring the beans and the stories home for you to enjoy. If that sounds easy, it’s anything but. Coffee is complicated. There are different varieties, flavours and processing methods, different ways to roast, ways to brew and ways to drink this wonderful beverage. But hey, we have a lot of fun trying to find the perfect coffee and making the perfect cup. The perfect cup just for you. Yep we are matchmakers.

Our job is to find you a coffee that you will absolutely fall in love with and having done that we will make sure you are never apart. It’s our mission to share all of our knowledge and passion with you so that coffee will become a labour of love for you too.