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Yahava Chokolat Bar

Yahava Chokolat Bar

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Chocolate and coffee; perfect partners and perfect treats!

Once you bite into a bar of our handmade single origin chocolate, infused with Yahava Koffee, you may struggle to go back to ordinary chocolate. The Espresso Dark Chokolat bar is a silky smooth, deep rich tasting Peruvian chocolate laden with espresso. For the sweeter tooth there is the nuttier and creamier Ghanaian Latte Milk Chokolat bar, also with an enticing shot of Yahava Espresso coffee. 

These Chokolat Bars are a heavenly combination of Yahava Espresso Koffee blended beautifully into locally made chocolate bars. Combining chocolate and coffee, what a great idea.


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Great Friendships Create Great Chokolat Bars

The Baron’s good friend Gabriel makes our chocolate bars, with specially sourced, single origin cocoa and our very own roasted coffee, in his Yallingup chocolate factory, just down the road from our Margaret River KoffeeWorks.

What many don’t know is that there are only three places in Australia where chocolate is handmade and Gabriel Chocolate is one of them.

These bars are a magical blend of coffee and chocolate you will find nowhere else.

Single Origin Chocolates

Like coffee, cocoa grows in the tropical regions of the world and like coffee where it is grown, how it is harvested and processed, creates distinctly different taste profiles.

The chocolate used in the latte bar comes from Ghana and is sweeter, milkier, nuttier and less dominating allowing the coffee flavours to dance from every mouthful. Ghana’s Forestero type bean is now the mainstay of the world’s chocolate production due primarily to the soothing nature of the chocolate grown in this region.

On the other hand the cocoa for our espresso bar comes from Peru, a country famous for its liqueur like chocolate. The Criolle bean found predominantly in the Peruvian highlands produces a fruity, wine like and slightly bitter chocolate. Gabriel’s Peruvian dark chocolate is the ideal companion for our bold espresso blend.

Latte and Espresso Chocolate Bars being made

Making Chocolate Bars

All of the beans are hand checked and then passed through a machine that removes dried cocoa pulp, dust and more. The beans are then roasted at 121°c for between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

As the beans cool the thin shells become brittle. A winnowing machine cracks and removes the shells leaving the nibs. Fans blow away the shell and dust from the nibs. The nibs are refined in a grinding process turning them to a paste. It is at this point other ingredients such as milk and sugar are added to sweeten. This is also the time for our coffee to be added.

Conches are large paddles that plough through the paste, this is what separates the ordinary from the premium chocolates. The agitation, the aeration and the temperature are all controlled until the flavours and the consistency are exactly where they need to be.

The speed at which the chocolate is cooled effects not only the taste, but it also gives chocolate that silky sheen and crisp snap when it is broken. At just the right moment the decision is made to pour the chocolate into the moulds where the final cooling and setting takes place.

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How Much Does Each Chocolate Bar Weigh?

Each Yahava Chokolat bar weighs 85g, but snaps crisply into 9 perfect mouthwatering square tablets.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Delivery within Perth Metro costs $6 for all orders under 2kg. Orders above $150 are FREE. Please check our shipping information page for more details.

Where Do You Ship?

We ship via Australia Post throughout Australia including to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.