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Specialty Estate March: El Salvador, Finca El Gobiado

Specialty Estate March: El Salvador, Finca El Gobiado

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ROASTERS NOTES | Balanced | Sweet and juicy with a medium acidity | Honey | Apricot

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Santa Ana

Producer: Finca El Gobiado

Variety: Pacas & Bourbon

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1300-1350 masl

Harvest: December - March

Roast: Espresso Style + Filter Style

ROASTERS NOTES | Balanced | Sweet and juicy with a medium acidity | Honey | Apricot

Finca El Gobiado, located in the Santa Ana region, is owned and operated by the Alfaro family who have been producing coffee on the property for four generations. Currently, there are around 38 000 coffee trees planted on the 13 hectare farm with many of them being Bourbon and Pacas varietals.

Famous for its mountains and volcanoes, the Santa Ana conditions are ideal for coffee production. Finca El Gobiado is part of Santa Ana’s Apaneca mountain range, home to the region’s most active volcano, Ilamatepec. The rich volcanic soils are full of nutrients that support the growth of arabica coffee trees.

When ripe, the coffee cherries are dry fermented and placed on raised beds in the sun to dry for 25-28 days before pulping.

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What Is Special About Specialty Estate Coffee?

As the name suggests, Yahava’s Specialty Estate Coffee is a limited release of new coffees we have recently discovered. Yahava source these micro-lot coffees in small quantities and only when available. We scour the entirety of the world's coffee-belt for these gems.

Can I Get Another Batch Of Specialty Estate Coffee?

Depending on availability, you may be able to get another bag of a Specialty Estate Coffee before the end of the month, but you will need to be quick. Because they are 'monthly' limited-edition coffee beans, we suggest ordering as soon as you’ve taken a liking to the roast.

Will You Be Selling These Coffee Beans Again Or Are They Only A One-Time Thing?

At Yahava, we welcome your feedback, and if we hear of a coffee that is popular, we will try to secure more. This is not always possible because of the size of the harvests and our ability to secure more. The very nature of a micro-lot Speciality Estate Coffee makes it special and very difficult to obtain.

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