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A Single Origin, Medium Roast of Ethiopian Coffee Beans with Bright Juicy Acidity and Notes of Berry Fruits

The cradle of mankind is also the seedbed of coffee. Ethiopia is where our story really begins; the story of modern humans and the story of coffee. While Ethiopia was the nursery of coffee, it was the great Arab traders who discovered coffee and took it to the world. Back in the 15th Century, the seaport of Mocha in Yemen became the great marketplace of coffee sourced from across the Red Sea. Arabica coffee still grows wild in landlocked Ethiopia, but the truly great coffee beans are grown along the longest mountain chain in Africa; the Ethiopian Highlands. It is in this land of contrasts, vast wetlands, high forests and the world’s hottest settlement at Dallol, where the year-round temperature averages 35c, that the best Arabica coffee beans are grown. Mokha is the dawn, it is the beginning; the Alpha and the Omega.

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, where it still grows wild. From the best growing regions comes a coffee with bright juicy acidity and berry fruits.

Mokha is sourced from the Limmu region where it is traditionally grown alongside other crops including bananas, tea and cinnamon. Bright, juicy acidity with berry fruits, a silky body and chocolate notes makes this an outstanding single origin coffee as well as a valuable contributor in other Yahava blends.

The Body & Brightness Profiles:

When you first taste a coffee, you should first assess its body or mouth feel and also just how acidic or bright it is. You may like a coffee that has a whole lot of body but with low acidity. Or you may like a mellower mouth feel but a brighter acidity. It really is a personal preference, there is no right or wrong.

The Flavour Profiles:

What sets each individual coffee apart will be the flavours or what we call the “tasting notes”. The tasting notes are many and varied ranging from floral to nutty, spicy to berry, chocolaty to citrusy, just to name a few. These flavours make each coffee very different and so special. Where the coffee is grown, climate, elevation, soil type and harvesting techniques will all impact on the flavour so unique to each coffee.

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How Can I Best Enjoy Mokha Coffee?

To fully appreciate the taste of this blend of coffees, and to experience the richness of the flavour, we suggest drinking it black or without sweetener or milk. The brew method you choose will also influence the taste so we encourage you to experiment. If you crave a sweeter cup you might like a splash of essence (coffee elixirs and essences).

How Do I Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee?

If you want to learn more about brewing coffee, we have Perth barista courses conducted in any one of our three Yahava Koffee Academies. Our coffee training courses vary depending on your coffee experience as well as your barista and brewing expertise.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

All orders under 2kg cost $6 and all purchases above $150 enjoy free delivery for the Perth Metro area. For shipping pricing and more details, please check our shipping & delivery information page. We ship via Australia Post throughout Australia including to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.