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AeroPress Metal Filter

AeroPress Metal Filter

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Our metal Aeropress filters are the perfect addition to every Aeropress set-up! Purchasing just one of these guys ensures that you’ll never need filter papers again. We’ve given them a run through in-store and found them to produce a consistently delicious cup of coffee – three thumbs up from the Yahava crew!

Ensure your morning coffee routine is eco-friendly and waste free with a reusable metal aeropress filter from Yahava. Crafted with top-quality stainless steel, they make paper filters obsolete. Metal Aeropress filters are easy & fast to clean and can be used consistently without any decrease in coffee quality. 


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Made from top quality reusable stainless steel, metal Aeropress filters are a sustainable, durable alternative to traditional paper filters. Unlike traditional paper filters, metal filters won’t absorb the natural oils of your coffee – ensuring you’re always left with a top quality brew.

Our metal stainless steel Aeropress filters are eco-friendly, travel ready and are perfect substitutes for your Aeropress coffee filters. Metal Aeropress coffee filters can be purchased both online or instore through our Yahava Koffeeworks in Swan Valley or Margaret River.

How to Use

Our metal reusable coffee filters can be used in the exact same way as paper filters, without the hassle of purchasing new filters. Simply wash, dry and reuse.

What Are The Perks Of Using A Reusable Aeropress Filter?

We love metal Aeropress filters because stainless steel won’t absorb the natural coffee oils, unlike traditional paper filters. You get filtered coffee with all the flavour intact.

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