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Seriously Romantic Yahava Gifts for Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine’s Day. What better combinations can you think of than Yahava Koffee and the Day of Love?

To be fair, we are pretty serious lovers of coffee here.

Regardless, we have put together a list of seriously romantic Yahava goodies you simply have to get your one and only. Take a look and tell us we’re wrong!

Romeo No.5

 With all the fires and droughts we’re experiencing in Australia, we’ve heard it’s created a shortage of roses grown for Valentine’s Day.

Send some Yahava roses to your loved one. And by that, we we send them some Romeo No 5!

This coffee stems from our love affair with coffee; it’s a process we call romancing the bean.

The beauty of blending is the opportunity to cross boundaries and create coffees that simply don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

We have selected a bouquet of flavours (caramel, wine and berries), combined these with a near perfect body then added heart-skipping brightness.

If you have never fallen in love with a coffee before then throw caution to the wind and take a chance on Romeo No 5, it’s way more creative than just flowers for Valentine’s Day, and we can tell you it will probably be more appreciated!




Not for the faint hearted, this is a coffee that is just plain seductive.

Four different coffees are blended to deliver an intriguing array of flavours.

Flavours that will surprise you, flavours that may seem unlikely bed partners, flavours that won’t let you go; roast almonds, malt and floral notes, lively, zesty, bright and with the silkiest of bodies.

This technique promotes ‘interchanging’ where the flavours and heat from each bean integrate to produce a smoothing effect. This will be the ideal place to start a whole new love affair with coffee.


Rose – Green Tea

Our Rose Green Tea is a unique and enticing tea made from premium leaves grown in the historic tea area of Hunan.

Definitely the most floral of our flavoured greens, the finest Hunan green tea is blended with a high percentage of rose petals to create a tea that tastes like Turkish delight with a mild, smooth finish.

The aroma that fills the room upon opening up the Rose Tea will instantly set the meter to romance, ensuring you have the best Valentine’s ever.


Chok-Coated Koffee Beans

You can’t really go wrong with chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but we say, strive to be just that little bit different!

Not only will our Chok-Coated Koffee Beans melt the hardest of hearts, it’ll give your beloved a much-needed caffeine kick at the same time.

Discover what happens when you drop Yahava koffee beans into molten Belgian chocolate!


French Vanilla

 Coveted by the aristocracy as one of the world’s most expensive and prized seasonings, French Vanilla is still one of the world’s most popular flavours.

Even the great romantic desserts like ice creams and milkshakes won’t be complete without the seemingly simple yet surprisingly complicated vanilla.

Our French Vanilla Elixir is a delicious way to sweeten and spice your coffee and … anything else you like!


Yahava Enamel Koffee Mugs

There’s nothing better than having your favourite coffee from a genuine, enamel mug made for sipping around the campfire.

These Yahava Enamel Mugs come in four sizes, ensuring you get the appropriate hit of coffee while out camping.

Gift this to your loved one and whisk them away for a romantic spot of camping somewhere and enjoy the solitude to yourselves.


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