Yahava's 'Treading Lightly' program is dedicated to sustainability

Treading Lightly



Reducing our footprint 

At Yahava we love coffee, but we also love the planet we live on and we know with some clever thinking and a bit of effort we can have it both ways.
We are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce any ‘environmental toll’ we may exact as we go about our business, in spite of the challenges this approach often springs on us.
There is a huge job in front of all of us if we want our planet to thrive, but this has not delayed us getting started.
‘Treading lightly’ is a programme we have quietly introduced over the last few years. As the title suggests, we are ceaselessly looking for ways to reduce any harmful footprints we may inadvertently be leaving.
We are eliminating plastics where possible and using single use cups that are made from paper grown in ‘renewable’ plantations. These cups are without plastic linings or lids, using instead plant based materials.
We are offering ‘lifetime incentives’ for our customers to use our ‘reusable’ cups, we are fitting solar power to our stores, we are composting our coffee grounds and we are using clear cups made from ‘corn starch’ rather than petroleum-based plastics.

We realise this is only a start and we will keep looking for new ideas and new ways to tread even more lightly. That is now ingrained in everything we do at Yahava.

All we ask is that you will walk this journey with us.

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