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Yahava Tasting Bench with Matt

Welcome to the Yahava Tasting Benches, let’s taste some coffees! 

The tasting bench is where we get answers about the mysteries of coffee. The ins and outs, the what, why and how of brewing coffee.

Ever wonder why some coffees taste brighter or darker than another? Why are different brewing methods important? The tasting bench is where we break it all down for you.

Follow us along the tasting bench adventure alongside Matt as we take him through ways of tasting coffee, different roasts and brewing methods so he can discover his favourite kind of coffee!

Brewing Method: Plunger at 90 degrees

Koffees Tasted: Mokha, Romeo No 5, Blackgold.


Here are the steps to tasting coffee: 

1st Sip: This is to cleanse our palate. Have you ever tasted coffee after brushing your teeth? Well, that is not how it actually tastes, so this is how you get yourself ready for it.

2nd Sip: The second sip is to season our palate. With this sip, we take care to notice the temperature, consistency and density of the coffee we’re tasting. Taste the acidity coming through the mouth and take a deep breath. Finish off this sip by smelling your coffee.

3rd Sip: Judgement time. The third sip reveals its true character. How do you feel about the coffee you’re tasting? Would you like to add milk to it? Shall we add some milk to it? Taste is so personal and this is why we love to showcase what we have so you can choose YOUR favourite!

Matt’s roast of style is a dark roasted coffee with a big, rich body and soft acidity.

Coffees that fit this description are the ones that run through his espresso machine at his cafe, Matt’s Paradise Cafe at the Margaret River Community Centre.

Follow our next episodes at Yahava tasting benches where we will learn how to recognise light vs full bodies, blends vs. single origins and the different brewing methods we use here.

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