A family at Yahava's Koffee Safari in Margaret River

Koffee Safari: A Margaret River Adventure

The trip down to Margaret River can be an adventure on its own. The road is long and winds its way through cow fields, country towns and open pastures. Only when you think you’ve gone too far do you finally reach the gourmet haven that is Margaret River.

Most people arrive in Margaret River with a common plan; they see the wineries, taste the beers and sample the spirits. The alcoholic beverages are broken up by floating between cafes, local producers and restaurants, after which you roll yourselves home to the food-coma that is approaching.

Only the next day, when the thought of more alcohol          makes you shudder, does the big question sink in.

“What do I do in Margaret River? What can I do in Margaret River? What are the things to do in Margaret River?”

The question bounces around in your head like a basketball game, repeating itself and getting louder until you voice your question to your semi-reliable travel buddy.

Oi Davo“, you shout into the next room. “What else can you do in Margaret River?

Dave has about as many ideas as you do, “I reckon we missed a few of the breweries yesterday?” he shouts back.

You scrunch your face up and instead ask a more reliable source, Siri, Google, Trip advisor.

Now the answer to your babbling brook of a question is simple one. “Whatever you want to do”.

The possibilities of what to do in Margaret River are endless and the locals don’t judge out loud. But while you mull over the oodles of options, perhaps we can suggest just one… A Koffee Safari!

When the mornings are cold and the wind batters against your window, the temptation to explore Netflix instead of the town, can be a hard one to battle.

But fear not! We’re here to help.

First thing in the morning, (that means 9am, we’re not superheros), we’ll start to fill the air with the delicious smell of coffee. The nutty aroma will lift the cloud of sleep from your mind, and ignite the desire for an adventure, which a Koffee Safari, might just fill.

Spaning the length of 90 minutes, a Koffee Safari will leave you with all the ammunition to understand our caffeinated world, or to put a hipster in their place, (remember, with great power, comes great responsibility).

In groups no larger than six from 10am, you start on a journey of coffee discovery, learning all things coffee, from the point it is on the tree to the end product in your belly.

Beginning with a short history of Yahava, we proceed to immediately put you to work for free, throw you into the world of coffee roasting.

You begin your hard labour adventure by completing your own coffee roast, which you will take home, along with a few other goodies. We introduce you to the concept of roasting to produce different flavours, and we teach you about the science behind the process.

While the roast cools down, you’ll be shown the difference in brewing methods, and how best to extract the precious elixir that is, coffee. You sample coffee from around the world, taste some limited release blends, and learn the dos and don’ts of coffee.

We leave you with caffeine in your blood and fresh knowledge in your head, which is perfect way to start the day.

There are many things to do in Margaret River, but why not start with an adventure in a cup?

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