Perth's best coffee being roasted at Yahava

The Roastery

Learn about Dark Arts

Watch our roasting wizards transform green beans into the gorgeous chocolate coloured coffees we so love. Roasting is as much an art is it is a science.

Each roast is conducted to a known formula to extract the inherent flavours trapped in side each bean. Different beans from different growing regions deliver different flavours and this is where our Roasters use their experience and skills to create the perfect roast.

All we add is heat

Yes that’s all we add to our beans; but it is knowing how much heat to apply and for how long that makes all the difference.

You will have the opportunity to talk to our roasters as they work around the furnace. Let them explain why some single origin beans are best roasted alone while others are blended. Find out how the colour of the roast can determine how the coffee tastes.

What’s that sound?

Did you know that coffee like popcorn puffs up to almost twice its normal size when it is roasted? At a certain point you will hear it snap and crackle just like popping corn in a process know as ‘cracking’.

The magic moment

Then at just the right moment the roasting beans are released from the furnace into the cooling pan where giant rotors stir the beans as a blast of cold air instantly halts the cooking process. The aroma of hot roast coffee will make your head spin.

Why fresh isn’t best

Fresh from the furnace but not yet quite ready to brew. All our beans are aged for anything up to a week before they go on sale or are ready for the Kafe.

This aging process allows gas inside the bean to escape and the flavours to reach a peak.

…and the best part is the wonderful aroma!

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