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Yahava KoffeeWorks Margaret River: Officially given Adventure status

Yahava KoffeeWorks Margaret River is bang smack in the middle of a recently launched unmissable coast and country drive being released by the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association in their Drive your Story – Margaret River Region Drive Trails.

There are five Self-Drive Trail Guides that encourage visitors to see more of this extraordinary region, in your own time. Planning your trip to Margaret River becomes much easier with these ‘DIY packaged tours’. Whether driving from Perth to or flying into Busselton Margaret River Airport, visitors can not only discover the ‘must see’ places but with Trail Guide they will be given the quickest way to cram everything in with a heap of tips on where to go and what to do.

We feel very honoured to be considered an ‘unmissable experience’ in The Margaret River: Surf and Source Trail. This trail incorporates a select number of unique producers and remarkable experiences, along with some of the region’s most spectacular natural attractions.

Always start with coffee!

We say, there is nothing like a good cup of coffee to start any adventure. But before you caffeinate and rush off there are adventures to be had within a KoffeeWorks.

Our very reason for being is to help our guests discover, roast and brew amazing coffee.

We travel the world searching for the world’s finest coffees and when we find them, we bring the beans and the stories home for you to enjoy. It sounds easy, but coffee is complicated. There are different varieties, flavours and processing methods, different ways to roast, ways to brew and ways to drink this wonderful beverage. But hey, we have a lot of fun finding the perfect coffee and making the perfect cup, just for you.

Yep, we are matchmakers.
Our job is to find you a coffee that you will absolutely fall in love with and having done that we will make sure you are never apart. It’s our mission to share all our knowledge and passion with you, so that coffee will becomes the love of your life.

There is a lot to see and do at Yahava at almost any time of the day. Take part in a coffee tasting on the Tasting Bench, with our compliments, no bookings required.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can grab a friend set off on a Koffee Safari, all within the safety and comfort of the KoffeeWorks.

You can learn about ‘home brewing’ or even learn how to become a professional barista. Book a course at our Brewing Academy or simply go to the Yahava Klassroom on our web site for tips and hints, (you will find this at the bottom of our Blogs Page).

But if you only want a great cup of coffee before you start exploring, our Kwik Koffee Drive Thru will ensure you take away a café quality beverage and something tasty to eat. Then you can set off for even more Margaret River adventures.

More of the Surf and Source Adventures

Where do you go next? Well, you choose. You could create your own horse-riding adventure at Jesters Flat Equestrian, just down the road. They offer Tours and Treks on horseback in the beautiful natural forest with a special stop at Brownhill Estate, a small family owned and operated winery in Rosa Brook.

If horses aren’t your thing, then you can always opt for the delicious wine and dine options at the winery estates, Xanadu & Voyager, but be sure to book as they are on everyone’s Margaret River hitlist! A guided wine tasting at Cape Mentelle or McHenry Hohnen may be more your style where you will learn more about the history of the ‘wine game’ in Margaret River or where you will no doubt find a bottle for the evening.

After lunch…….
Now that you are fed and watered you will be ready for a stand-up paddleboard lesson and then watch the sun set at Surfer’s Point! A trip to Margaret River is not complete without taking in the natural beauty of our beaches and coastline. If the weather is not conducive to seaside activities, you can always head to town and check out some of the fabulous artworks at Jahroc Galleries or try some tasty treats at the Fudge Factory!

There is so much to do and there are still more adventures to be had:

Plan your Margaret River Adventure using one of the maps and guides online and remember …

Always start each adventure with a Yahava Coffee!!

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