Filter paper & coffee beans. Learn how to brew filter coffee with Yahava.

How to brew: V60

The V60 is one of the most used filter methods out there. It uses a pour-over style of brewing where water is poured on top of the coffee bed, making its way through and extracting coffee along the way. It then passes through the paper filter and collects in a vessel below. The brew method is well suited to lighter roasts, as it brings out the unique and intricate flavours which are preserved from the more gentle roast depth.

Follow along with a coffee-like Mokha or La Montana, or perhaps something from our limited release range.



Grind your coffee fairly coarsely. Check out our grind sizes!


Fold the edges of your paper filter along the dotted line, and then place your filter in the brewer. Place the brewer on top of a jug/server to capture the coffee as it drips through.

Using your brewing water (96°C), saturate the filter paper to thoroughly rinse it, and help warm your v60.

Discard the water that has collected in your server.

Tare the weight of the server, v60 and filter on your scale, and add your 20g of coffee. Tare the scale again so that you can watch the volume of water you’re adding at each interval.

Start the timer as you start to pour – and evenly pour out your first 60g of water, spiralling out from the centre to the edge of the coffee.


From here, you want to evenly disperse the rest of your liquid over a few stages. I usually break it up over 3 more pours, which I do every 30 seconds. start by trying 3x80g pours and adapt your stages/volumes from there.

Example pour structure

Time Water Volume Added Total Brew Volume
00:00 60g 60g
00:30 80g 140g
01:00 80g 220g
01:30 80g 300g

When you’ve finished your last pour at the 1:30 mark, grab the v60 and gently give it a quick circular spin for 5 seconds, to help with the drawdown.


Make note of the time when the last of the liquid has drawn through the coffee bed. This way if your extraction is out, you can aim for a faster or slower time next time you brew by adjusting the grind size. A Coarser grind will make the water flow through faster, while a Finder grind will slow the flow rate down.


 We hope you enjoy brewing with the V60 as much as we do.                                                                    If you’re wanting to get set up to brew a V60, you can check out this                                                        brewing set here.

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