You need never drink another bad coffee ever! Our leading Barista Courses in Perth, Vasse or Margaret River will teach you exactly how to make a great coffee every time. Our top baristas are really keen to hand on all they know. Whether it’s an espresso or a plunger there are tricks and tips you need to know and the Academy is the place to learn.

… and the best part to our Barista Courses is you will be well on your way to becoming a coffee connoisseur.

FAQs About Barista Coffee Courses and Training

Are your barista course trainers, experts?

All of our trainers are first experienced Baristas but of equal importance is that they all have spent significant time in cafes. To become Yahava Trainers they also must understand much of what there is to know about where our coffees come from and how they are processed and roasted. Our trainers are more than ‘espressomeisters’, they are well versed in all of the recognised alternative coffee making methods such as aeropress, stovetop, filter, syphon and cold drip brewing.

Where can I take a Yahava barista course?

Our barista courses are conducted at our Yahava Koffeeworksand at our Vasse Academy.Visit ourVasse, Swan Valley or Margaret River stores or book online if you’re interested in learning more about making great coffee. 

What barista courses are available?

Yahava KoffeeWorks hosts a variety of barista courses suited to all levels of experience. From our barista induction course to the Brew Boss course, there’s one for everyone. 

How can I become a barista?

Experience is key when it comes to becoming a barista and the best way to start is by gaining some coffee knowledge and experience through a barista course at Yahava. If you’re just starting out, our Barista Induction Course is the best way to start. 

Do you offer barista courses for beginners?

Yes! Our Barista Induction course is excellent for beginners. The course is designed for newcomers to the industry, orforthe serious home barista. The three hour course will give you agood understandingof the coffee industry andshow youpractical coffee making skills, including setting the grind, dosing the shot, steaming milk and pouring the top five coffees. 

Do you offer barista courses for students?

Yes, our Student Barista Induction course is perfect for you. Here, we start with a brief introduction to the coffee industry and move on to practical coffee skills including setting the grind, dosing the shot, steaming milk and pouring. This course runs for 2.5 hours and will teach you all the basics of making coffee. 

Do you offer advanced barista courses?

If you’re looking to advance your Barista skills, our Advanced Barista Course is ideal for you! This course focuses on perfect shot extractions, milk texturing to achieve silky milk and coffee presentation, including latte art. Our Advanced Barista Course runs for approximately 3 hours and can be booked online.

Where can I learn latte art?

If you’re looking to step up your latte art game, we recommend coming along to our Perth barista courses. Depending on your experience, we offer a variety of courses for beginners, students and advanced baristas.