A hands-on barista training experience designed to give students key insights and training in the skills they need to become a barista. Our expert baristas will teach you how to brew the perfect coffee using the tools of the pros. Classes are kept to small sizes to ensure the best possible results, and certification is provided upon completion.

Additionally, all students that successfully complete this intensive course will get the opportunity to do one full extra day of work-experience in the Yahava KoffeeWorks Kafe as a junior staff member, reporting directly to the Café Manager.

  • Coffee beans

    Become a Coffee Expert

    Learn how coffee is grown, harvested, and transported to our doo, and learn how to taste coffee like a pro. Develop tasting notes in your Tasting Journal and start your palette development journey.

  • Roast your own Koffee

    Roast your very own batch of coffee to take home and get an in-depth understanding of the art, science and love that goes into every batch.

  • Enjoy Complimentary Lunch

    Take a break at our Kafe and enjoy lunch on the house. Relax in the outdoors, soak in the sunshine and digest all you've learned. 

  • Leave as a Certified Brew Boss

    All students that successfully complete this course receive a certificate of completion indicating that they have completed Yahava’s full-day Barista Intensive Course.

What past students are saying:

"I came along to the school holiday program so I would know how to make the best coffee for future jobs. The trainer that led the class was very approachable and answered any questions that I had. I loved learning how to make many different types of coffee and what makes each one unique. It has brought me much joy from learning at Yahava and meeting such an amazing team. Plus I got a great day of work experience and a job which I absolutely love!"

- Holly



For EXTRA CREDIT, every student that finishes the program is invited to do a work-experience shift in the Yahava KoffeeWorks, reporting directly to the Kafe Manager.

You'll receive a score card giving you feedback on how you performed in a real cafe environment that you can use as an extra for your resume AND you can put the Kafe Manager down as a reference!


Students that take this class are the first we look to for our next batch of young gun junior-baristas. 

(So make sure you tell us you're looking for a job, and act like this course is your trial!)


Because we can only run this course on the school holiday, it will sell out very fast, so please ensure you reserve your spot as far in advance as possible.

You can definitely book with your mates. Each day has two possible groups - just book a day where there is enough spots to get all of you together and book at the same time as to not be disappointed.