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Yahava IOCO Glass Travel Mug

Yahava IOCO Glass Travel Mug

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With one of these Yahava glass travel mugs you will be able to see just how good our coffee really is. Enjoy your coffee in a 12oz or 16oz double walled glass travel mug and show off your style with one of four great colour options.

Not only does this travel mug look great but it is something quite special. Being hand crafted each mug is unique. Hand blown from super strong, hardened Borosilicate glass, it really is tough and features a double wall so your coffee stays hot for way longer than a conventional travel mug.

The solid lid sits snuggly into a special silicon seal, so your beverage stays in the mug and won’t splash over you.

The lid is also made with a large mouthpiece enabling the crema to flow rather than stay trapped in the mug.

Add to this a great wrap-around silicone grip (branded so your friends know you drink the absolute best coffee) and you will have firmly in your hand a statement about how seriously you take your coffee. Stylish, practical, efficient, reusable and impressive, you are ready to go and be seen anywhere.

It is dishwasher safe, totally recyclable and BPA free.


…and if all that wasn’t enough, when you rock up to a Yahava with one of these, you get .50cents off every Yahava coffee, for the rest of your life. Do the math, it won’t take long for it to pay for itself.

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