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Barista Induction Booking - Swan Valley

Barista Induction Booking - Swan Valley

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An excellent course designed for new comers to the industry, those wishing to brush up on their current coffee-making skills, or the serious home barista. We start with a brief introduction to the coffee industry including growing, picking, processing and roasting.

From there we move on to practical coffee making skills: setting the grind, dosing the shot, steaming milk and pouring the top 5 coffees. We finish the course with a basic machine cleaning and maintenance demonstration.


Duration: 3 Hours

Maximum Number of Attendees: 4. If no spaces available please call the store directly on 9250 8599

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4752 West Swan Road, West Swan, WA, 6055

Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy: We are happy to refund any and all participants up to 48 hours prior to the class/event commencing. Within 48 hours we unfortunately cannot issue refunds. This is due to the difficulty in being able to resell the ticket in addition to the event/class being staffed according to the expected number of participants. This unfortunately is inclusive of Covid-related issues - so please book mindfully.

Any cancellations within 48 hours: We will attempt to fill your spot for you, and if so will issue a full refund. However if a replacement participant can not be found, the ticket will not be refunded.