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STORM 2023

STORM 2023

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Our roasters have recruited coffees from four continents for this year’s STORM. Four coffees with flavours we could only describe as heart-warming. Our 2023 Winter Blend releases a pleasant boldness that is far from overpowering. A coffee so silky, that when sipped slowly and allowed to linger on the palate, is as soothing as a ray of sunshine on a cold day. This 2023 STORM with its classic flavours, has been created to mollify the harshest of winters.

ORIGIN | India, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia

ROASTERS NOTES | chocolate, apple, hazelnut, bold & silky

Four marquee coffees combine with strength and warmth to create a classic Winter Blend. Each coffee brings with it a unique set of attributes that qualifies its inclusion.

India Tiger Mountain A Grade Washed: When coffee escaped the boundaries of Yemen it was first grown in India courtesy of a light-fingered Sufi. The coffees of India are well established and have provided much of the rootstock that eventually traversed the world. Our very own Kahava coffee picks up the lion’s share of the work in this blend occupying forty percent of the volume. Kahava was our ‘go to’ bean, rich in the chocolate and nut flavours so prominent in this blend.

Mexico High Grown Organic Chiapas: The Central American in the mix. It was hard to ignore the reputation Mexican coffees are garnering. This region is the powerhouse of coffee production and Mexico is surprising everyone with its crispness and chocolate and nutty tones.

Papua New Guinea Apo Angra Kange Washed: Original Blue Mountain variety coffee is extensively grown by smallholders in the rugged and remote mountainous regions of Papua New Guinea. This bean is an important ingredient in our Winter Blend adding more cocoa and fruit flavours but equally important is the bold silky mouthfeel it provides.

UCI Ethiopia Limu Washed Grade 2: the birthplace of coffee. It is only fitting that we draw from the very ‘home’ of coffee, a landrace coffee grown from wild stocks. A bean that is physically smaller in size but with an intense flavour, the Ethiopian bean provides the distinct fruitiness these coffees are famous for.  

Four coffees from four quite separate regions but each historically connected. This is a classic winter coffee, it has strength, a smooth mouthfeel and is a delicious pick-me-up.

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