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Yahava Keep Cup

Yahava Keep Cup

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Because I choose to help the environment (and look fashionable) while enjoying my Yahava coffee!

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The greatest invention since sliced bread is TAKE AWAY COFFEE!!! And now your quick caffeine fix can be environmentally frendly with our Yahava Keep Cups. These cups are

– BPA free and non-toxic, have a low embodied energy and use up to 85% less water in manufacture than takeaway cups.

– are dishwasher safe, microwavable and splash proof (meaning no burnt laps while driving your car…..not that we encourage drinking and driving!)

Most importantly, they LOOK GREAT (ok that’s a little shallow!) Seriously, these cups are a great addition to your coffee lifestyle – we’ll even throw in your first coffee for FREE, and 50c off each coffee in your Keep Cup from there on. Available in black or red.

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